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Well I went to Sparkle and enjoyed walking around Manchester Canal street by myself and well enjoyed meeting a few girls in the park area, since I cant get together with another girl, well guess I might have to adjust my standards etc, but heading to PLASA 2015 and see what I can acquire and learn whilst there, Keep intouch all, since we cant live our lives by ourselves we all need to communicate to one another....

What I am looking for:
I would love to find a Women or TS/TV Girl for a long term relationship. I know this is a hard task, but if anyone would love to get back in touch with me about starting a relationship with me, I am very loyal and trustworthy as well as been very upfront. I might look all strict Bitch, but can be a sweet innocent girl and would hope that this person would assist me in becoming a better girl.

In the mean time whilst I await, I am also seeking meets with Subs/Maids/Sissy's and other tvs.

If you are seeking a meet get back to me and send me a message and we will work from there. So if you have managed to read this far well done. I DO NOT DO CAM to CAM or CYBER SEX at all, if you want that section please log onto the chat room with cam/cyber and you might find someone out there to fill your fantasy. Can I also inform others that I am not a dressing service, so I do not stock a wardrobe full of clothes for you to try and use etc. I will assist in giving you advice and send you links to places and sites where you can acquire you own clothes/shoes/boots/wigs/breastforms and make up.
If you want somewhere safe and secure to dress{with your own gear} and be yourself and maybe if you want some digital photographs of you dressed for your profile or maybe just for you. Maybe you just want to dress and sit down and have a chat over a coffee/tea or drink. If so please get back to me, and see when my diary is free.
Also NO picture of you dressed including your face and no profile filled in means No chat or Meets, is that understood?

About Me:
Hi I'm a new to the role of TV Mistress, not much experience as of yet but will eventually get there. I am 5ft11 in my stocking feet, curvy shape.
I am seeking part time maids/sissy’s/slaves to train for my pleasure, but have to say you have to be a sub, and not something that goes under the sea neither.
I am obtaining more bondage gear, that includes crops,paddles,whips,canes,cuffs,leg spreaders, toys and of course rope since I'm looking to do some rope bondage on my subs.
No 'A' at all, that area is mine and mine alone, I will decided when I want to give it away, so take note please. If you're expecting that you will be disappointed. The subject of 'O' is something I might agree to but only if I decide. Obvious to most, but needs to be spelled out to some idiots that think girls are on here wanting only one thing and that is to please any male whom displays one area of his body he thinks will excite this girl, which does not or think that a few lines of chat will get her to please him.
Foot Section
I LOVE shoes and boots, especially thigh high boots with stiletto heels but also enjoy ankle boots and normal stiletto heel shoes. I enjoy having my feet massaged and pampered and my toes painted. I love my feet to look and feel pretty.
Virtual or Real Life Possibility
Well I would love to meet someone {preferably female/ts/lesbian} to be dressed all in white with my lovely wedding gown with all the trimmings ie lingerie/corset/stockings/garter/massive petticoat/underskirts/shoes/headband and veil and then be walked down the aisle and then to be married and to feel the buzz that every girl has when its their wedding day. To say my vows and then to exchange rings, the wedding ring to be adding to the engagement ring. Well a girl can dream cant she? Since I guess that will be all I might get unless there is someone out there willing to fulfil this girls dreams.

Mistress Kris

Latest News:
Well can I just say that I hate been messed around with, so all viewers please be warned I don't take well to time wasters.
Can I add that I am not a dressing service and thus do not stock uniforms or dresses at all. I will help with make up etc and notify you where you can get items that you are seeking if I can. So still waiting for those maids out there to get in touch with me. Thank you for reading and viewing my profile.
For all those who pop by viewing my profile, please leave me a message so i know you called in, or leave a message in the section 'What my friends say about me!' all comments and remarks will be greatly accepted.

Things I Like:
Real females/TV/TS/Sissies/Maids
Hard workers {maid duties}
Like most girls, I also like to be treat like a girl and receive compliments and remarks as well as gifts etc, but never know one time I might find my true love out there somewhere.

Things I Dislike:
People that don't read my profile properly!
Profiles with pictures of cocks. Really.. who cares?
Hairy men in lingerie. Yuk.
Profiles with no words or little words.
Male admirers who have not read my profile and want me to please them, advice get a life!
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Charlie 1970
June 12th, 2020
wow you look and sound amazing