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a mid 30's slightly chubby man. good sense of humour, remotely intelligent just not sure whats going on
Nottingham city centre UK
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I'm a professional living and working in notts. I have since a very young age had thoughts about the blurred lines of gender, i initially wondered if it was my own gender that was not reflecting my inner but i think thats not the case. I have always had simple vanilla partners and i think i want to experience something else - i have phases where i indulge in the fantasy of girls with something more but i never dare act but it is one of those recurring dreams - i am not a wam bam thank you.... kinda guy. If you want a simple straight up fuck meet thats not me. I am here to enjoy the company and see what happens. I am not single - i'm wanting my cake and eating it as well. I am remotely intelligent and love some flirting and maybe some downright dirty conversation at times. I adore the ideas of being stripped of control - something from the realms of mcstories or other ideas of poppers/spun and loss of control but who knows.
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Avatar DaphanieNotts
September 8th, 2020
nice and not too far away